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  Henan Golden Sun Precision Casting Co.,Ltd (Restructured by original Henan Golden Sun Foundry Co.,Ltd) is a modern casting enterprise which contains technology R&D、production、marketing and service.Company is national foundry industry access enterprise、the member of China Foundry Association 、thousands of key backbone enterprises in China Foundry Industry、top 50 comprehensive strength enterprise of Henan Province Forging industry 、Henan Province minor enterprise of science and technology 、Xinxiang city fifty high growth enterprises。Our company has distinct operating characteristics and always adheres to the philosophy of innovation 、science and technology 、quality、credibility and integrity and win-win to develop enterprise.Our company is in a leading position in multi-species 、small batch、medium and small sized casting iron market ,and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad .

  Our products:Manufacture the products which others cannot do;manufacture the products which others couldn’t do well;manufacture the products which others don’t want to do are our sources of strength.

  Our company specializes in producing various grey iron、ductile iron、alloy iron casting and other medium and high quality resin sand casting with the annual production capacity of 20000 tons. The main products are machinery bed castings、valve castings、 large generator castings 、gearbox castings、pump castings、 heavy-duty automotive parts castings、engineering machinery castings、rail transit castings、wind power castings and other general machinery parts castings and so on. More than 80% of the products are directly or indirectly exported to Europe、America、Japan、Korea and many other countries.

  Our technique:SiC synthetic cast iron process;Nitrogen micro alloyed high strength cast iron process;thermal insulating riser process,green metal material forming process;casting pottery pipe pouring process and iron liquid filtration process; -50℃ low temperature impact ductile iron process and more than 20 patents which formed the core technology database and guaranteed the enterprise’s leading advantage in the competition of the industry.Xinxiang cast iron alloy engineering technology research center is the only one of the cast iron alloy research and technology centers which relied on the establishment of our company and provided a solid guarantee for the development of new products with the powerful expert strength.

  Our quality:The company has built mold sand laboratory、chemical analysis laboratory and mechanical properties testing laboratory and equipped with advanced physical and chemical testing equipments such as Shimadzu spectrometer analyzer、NCS spectrum analyzer、high-frequency infrared carbon sulfur analyzer, metallographic microscope, low temperature impact test machine, French hexagon 3D measuring arm which can meet the customer requirements for product performance test. Meanwhile ,our company also introduced " InteCAST casting process analysis system software" which played a huge role in analysing and optimizing casting process,improving product quality and shortening the trial period and so on .

  Our philosophy:We are firmly convinced that there will be no development without win-win. It will achieve company goal by creating value through win-win cooperation with customers, employees, suppliers, and society.

  Our vision:We will provide the full range of platform service to meet the customer's personalized、differentiated demands to the maximum extent, participate value in coordination with customers and get mutual benefit and win-win .


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ADDRESS:Yudong industry economic zone, Xinxiang City, Henan China.
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